Actovegine Injections 200mg




pharmacological properties

The drug helps to improve tissue nutrition and helps to properly distribute glucose from the blood to the needs of the body. The drug helps retain oxygen, thereby reducing tissue damage in conditions of oxygen deprivation. The drug enhances the production of ATP energy molecules necessary for the proper course of all important processes in the body. Therefore, Actovegin is used in sports.

Application of Actovegin

The product has a series of beneficial therapeutic properties for athletes:

  • promotes tissue healing, restores structure,
  • activates the supply of oxygen to the organs,
  • accelerates the synthesis of collagen fibers,
  • stimulates the correct intake of glucose,
  • improves blood flow due to vascular growth.
  • for rehabilitation therapy of the athlete's body after intensive training aimed at developing maximum endurance,
  • as cardiac muscle prophylaxis from chronic physical overtraining, especially when training in mid-altitude mountains,
  • to maintain high performance while climbing mountain peaks,
  • with ruptures of muscle tissue,
  • achillodynia – pain in the Achilles tendon,
  • for the treatment of traumatic brain injuries,
  • with frostbite in representatives of winter sports,
  • for the treatment of varicose veins,
  • for muscle building
  • with boxer cerebral insufficiency syndrome,
  • for the prevention and treatment of sports pseudonephropathy.

Using the drug for these purposes, athletes and ordinary patients can count on the fastest achievement of the effect, subject to the correct dosage.

What are the effects of Actovegin on the athlete's body?

As scientific studies show, Actovegin, like other auxiliary sports pharmacology drugs for bodybuilders, has an insulin-like effect on the athlete's body. It is expressed in the form of an increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood of an athlete and the process of its oxidation. Due to this effect, the drug is especially popular among bodybuilders, as athletes are constantly looking for new methods to stimulate oxygen supply to the muscles involved in training. Taking Actovegin for therapeutic purposes, it turns out to improve blood circulation, increase the amount of sugar and oxygen in the blood.

Actovegin is an irreplaceable drug in sports. Due to its saturation, the athlete's muscles receive all the necessary nutrition to the maximum.

How to use Actovegin in sport

Not all athletes turn to a specialist to calculate the correct dosage of the drug, but it is the doctor who will make it possible to draw up the correct course of administration without harming the health of the athlete. As a general rule, the standard dosage regimen for Actovegin depends on its release form. It comes in various forms:

Pills. The optimal dose would be the ingestion of two pills three times a day, while they should not be bitten and should be washed down with a little water. Taking the drug in pill form should last for a month, after which you need to take a short break.

injections. The initial dose of the injection solution should be 10 to 20 ml, injections should be given once a day. It is necessary to gradually increase the dose to 25 ml.

Dropper. The drug can also enter the body through a dropper, its optimal dose is 250 ml once a day, making drops daily or three times a week for a month.

gel cream. The drug in this form is used by athletes to treat burns, wounds and ulcers.The cream gel should be applied in a thin layer to the affected skin area and bandaged. If the wound is oozing, a bandage should be applied twice a day.

Before taking the drug, be sure to read the reviews that remain for the drug Actovegin in sports. Many athletes confirm its effectiveness in achieving the desired physical results. The main disadvantage of the drug is its high price in pharmacies, but the use of analogues of Actovegin can not achieve the desired effect. Most athletes claim that it takes three months to build high-quality muscle mass with the original drug.

The drug is used by many athletes, but the above facts only prove that taking Actovegin, like other pharmacological agents, should be taken with extreme caution, calculating the correct dosages.

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