GHRP6/GHRP2 + CJC1295 A course for strength and mass 2 months




Duration 2 months

Thanks to safe drugs like peptides, you can significantly improve your athletic performance today. Find out which mass and strength course is the most popular.

Peptide course for strength and mass

  • GHRP6 – GHRP2 + CJC1295
  • We take 4 times a day, 200 g of GHRP6 – GHRP2 and CJC1295, 110 g 3 times a day.
  • This course builds lean muscle mass well and has a small fat burning effect!
  • The course includes: 1
  • GHRP6 – GHRP2 20mg
  • CJC 1295 20mg

Every athlete wants to find an opportunity to speed up the process of gaining mass and increase strength parameters. Also, it is desirable to do this as safely as possible. Today you have such an opportunity and you just have to buy the course GHRP6 – GHRP2 + CJC1295. This is the safest course of peptides and at the same time very effective.

Sure, it's somewhat inferior in strength to steroids, but the side effects are guaranteed not to show up. Add to this the complete absence of a reversal effect and the need for restorative therapy. Just order and complete the GHRP6 – GHRP2 + CJC1295 course to get excellent results in two months.

How the GHRP6 course works – GHRP2 and CJC1295

All medications are intended to stimulate growth hormone secretion. On the other hand, they are not hormonal, but only contribute to the acceleration of the pituitary gland. It is this part of the brain that is responsible for the production of endogenous GH. GHRP6 – GHRP2 can accelerate growth hormone synthesis by over 15 times.

This fact has been proven by scientists in the course of numerous studies. Drugs act on certain receptors, which leads to accelerated production of GH. Note that GHRP6 is slightly more potent than GHRP2, but the latter drug is better tolerated by the body.

CJC1295 is a growth hormone precursor and acts on the body for a longer time than the other two peptides. The combination of these drugs is currently optimal for bodybuilders who want to gain weight and increase physical parameters. Note that professional athletes also use peptides, indicating their effectiveness. We add that the course GHRP6 – GHRP2 + CJC1295 price is extremely democratic, in contrast to the expensive exogenous growth hormone.

How to do the GHRP6 course correctly – GHRP2 and CJC1295

This course has been taken a great number of times by athletes of different training levels. You can easily find comments about him on the net, which will confirm everything we said above. We put 4 times a day, 200 g of GHRP6 – GHRP2 and CJC1295, 110 g 3 times a day.

For the best possible result, we recommend that you give injections in the morning on an empty stomach. In this case, you can eat food only one hour after the injection. In addition, medications can be administered after training or at bedtime. The course lasts two months and the results will surprise you.

Contraindications for the course GHRP6 – GHRP2 and CJC1295

This course has no contraindications, as well as side effects if you follow all the requirements for its implementation.

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