Actovegin 400 mg injections




Actovegin is a drug made from a deproteinized derivative of calves' blood, which has a positive effect on the functioning of the brain, eliminating signs of hypoxia. The drug can be used not only in the presence of serious pathologies associated with cerebral circulation, Actovegin is quite effective in sports.

How Actovegin works in the body of athletes

It should be noted that Actovegin for athletes is necessary to eliminate hypoxia, which occurs during heavy physical exertion. Actovegnin helps to increase the resistance of cells to lack of oxygen supply.

Under the action of the drug, transport and accumulation of not only oxygen, but also glucose are enhanced. All organs receive the necessary nutrition through better blood circulation. In addition, there is a decreased risk of ischemic damage to tissue cells. The drug helps to accelerate intracellular metabolism, normalizes muscle contractility, prevents the accumulation of salts of lactic acid. Actovegin in bodybuilding helps athletes quickly eliminate oxygen deficiency within muscle tissue, thus increasing training efficiency.

Use of Actovegin

Actovegin is recommended for use in sports in the following cases:

  • Acceleration of the body's recovery after physical exertion by resistance
  • Treatment or prevention of chronic physical excess of CVS
  • Maintain performance during high-altitude ascents
  • Recovering from previous traumatic brain injuries
  • Achillodynia and muscle breakdown
  • Development of cerebral insufficiency syndrome in boxers
  • Frostbite in people who play winter sports
  • Weight gain
  • Treatment and prevention of pathologies such as sports pseudonephropathy.

Application Features

It is best to consult your doctor before taking medication.The drug solution can be administered into a vein, muscle, or artery. It should be borne in mind that this increases the risk of developing various anaphylactic reactions. Therefore, before taking the drug, it is recommended to carry out a sensitivity test.

Usually the initial dose is 10-20 ml per day, the drug is injected intravenously or into the artery. The subsequent dose is 5 ml.

When administered by infusion, 10-20 ml of Actovegin is mixed with 0.9% saline (200-300 ml). The rate of drug administration should not exceed 2 ml per 1 minute.

In case of achillodynia, the solution is injected into the muscle in 5 ml increments for 21 days, the interval between injections should be at least 7 days.

In case of muscle damage, complex therapeutic therapy is indicated, in which dressings with the drug Actovegin are applied.

Athletes are often given injections every other day (5 injections) after the steroid cycle. The dose of the drug is 10 mg per day.

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