TB500 course to heal ligaments and joints – 1 month




TB 500 is an analog of an anthropogenic peptide obtained through the synthesis of more than forty amino acids.

TB500 30mg

TB 500 is an analog of an anthropogenic peptide obtained through the synthesis of more than forty amino acids. This medication is used in cases where rapid repair of tears and wound healing is required. TV 500 is also widely used in medicine: after a heart attack, surgery or injury. Bodybuilders use this remedy extensively to achieve anabolic effects.

Effect of the drug TB500

TB 500 has a powerful regenerative effect, as well as:

  • Accelerates wound healing, has an anabolic effect on the entire muscular system of a person, including the muscles of the heart,
  • Promotes the appearance of greater elasticity of blood vessels,
  • Stretches connective tissues
  • Normalizes the performance of the nervous system,
  • Restores ligaments and joints – in combination with other drugs, TB 500 can have a stronger effect,
  • Helps the body produce more testosterone,
  • Activate nourishing ingredients,
  • It helps you get more flexibility.

The use of TB 500 makes it possible to significantly improve the performance of power and speed, because today many athletes dream of improving their performance. One of the advantages of TB 500 is its completely drug-free composition, which allows the athlete to undergo doping control without any problems.

TB500 is not capable of accelerating the growth of muscle mass and the increase in strength indicators, since it is not an anabolic. However, it makes human tissues more sensitive to insulin, which indirectly contributes to the achievement of great results in sports. The price of the TB 500 is quite affordable – it can be used by both beginners and professional athletes.


TB 500 is available in the form of injections – often the drug is prescribed to athletes who have been injured or if it is necessary to restore the working capacity of the heart muscles.

The reception of the TB 500 peptide course is as follows: 2 times a week, it is necessary to inject 2000 g. For example Tuesday and Saturday.

It is necessary to store the drug in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degrees, preferably dry.

TB 500 side effects and contraindications

In the course of numerous studies, no negative effects of the drug on the body have been identified. TB 500 cannot be detected by doping control because it does not contain medicinal substances.

Impressions of athletes about the drug TB 500

The synthesized peptide TB 500 has already been tested by thousands of athletes, who, with their feedback on TB 500, have confirmed the effectiveness of this drug. It has been found that the best results can be achieved by mixing TB 500 with saline. Before use, it is necessary to remove the plastic cap, after which a syringe filled with saline is inserted into the bottle. It is necessary to wait a certain time so that the drug can be completely dissolved. You can order TB 500 immediately.

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