Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam) 30 pills



Phenotropil – has two names: Phenylpiracetam and the second chemical – Phenylpiracetam) – a nootropic drug that accelerates metabolism, improves cerebral circulation. It acts on the brain as a psychostimulant substance, facilitates oxygen access to brain tissues (antihypoxic effect), lowers arterial and intracranial pressure, acts as an effective adaptogen in the context of stressful situations, accelerates the assimilation of information, improves memory (speech and reading become faster). Limits information overload in the brain. Increases cognitive (cognitive) skills, increases motivation for basic activities. Normalizes human biorhythms.

Phenotropil is a drug with a pronounced nootropic, psychostimulating, anticonvulsant, antihypoxic and adaptogenic effect.

Phenotropil is actively used in sports as a means of increasing endurance, strength indicators and training efficiency. This drug is one of the few, the effect of which is felt already on the second or third day of administration. The apparent activating effect of the drug led to the fact that it was included in the list of prohibited substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Effects of phenotropil

  • Increased resistance
  • Fortress Growth
  • increased physical activity
  • Increased mental alertness
  • Decreased appetite (moderately)

Dosage, reception, course of Fenotropil

Before the competition (3-7 days): 200-500 mg per day, 1 time in the morning, after meals.

In preparation: 100-200 mg per day, 1 time in the morning, after meals.

Total duration of the course:

3-7 days before the competition.

Day 21 – preparation.

phenotropil for weight loss

Phenotropil promotes weight loss directly and indirectly.

The direct effect is the ability to moderately suppress appetite, thereby reducing the number of calories consumed and, as a result, the amount of subcutaneous fat.

The indirect effect is associated with a stimulating effect that increases the volume and intensity of training and, as a result, leads to the burning of more calories.

Phenotropil – application in sports:

According to official data, Phenotropil is prohibited for use in sports by competing athletes, since they have an obvious psychostimulant. The drug Phenotropil is included in the list of substances prohibited by world anti-doping organizations.

There were cases of disqualification of various Russian athletes (biathletes and runners) during a certain period.

The drug is extremely effective, already on the first or second day of taking a noticeable increase in strength, an increase in endurance, strength and physical activity in general.

However, Phenotropil is ineffective in increasing muscle mass and volume as it somewhat decreases appetite and thus helps reduce overall body weight.

Phenotropil – use as a psychostimulant:

The drug is indispensable for enhancing human brain activity. It will be especially useful to prepare for exams, to read and memorize a large amount of information. Extremely effective for focused mental activity. In addition, this remedy reduces the need for sleep. Despite this, it is recommended to sleep at least 7-8 hours and take Fenotropil according to the instructions.

How Phenotropil works:

This nootropic promotes efficient memory retrieval in amnesia, strengthens memory during learning, increases the speed of signal transmission between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and learn skills are consolidated faster (for example, driving a car). car, play a musical instrument).It also has a positive effect on the integrative functions of the brain (making the best decision, analyzing the choice, complex calculations, planning).

It increases the level of attention, improves the tolerance of brain tissue to hypoxia (low oxygen content) and reduces the toxic effect on brain structures.

Against the background of taking the drug, the symptoms of anxiety, fear, various phobias, emotional tension, seizures subside, that is, it also acts as a tranquilizer.

At the same time, the nootropic improves your mood, gives a great charge of liveliness and strength, interferes with the processes of regulation – inhibition and activation of nervous processes. Increases the energy potential and efficiency of the body to solve complex mental problems.

Accelerates metabolism in the brain, has a positive effect on the blood flow of the brain as a whole, markedly improves blood circulation in areas and tissues of the brain with reduced blood supply (in areas of the brain prone to ischemia) by increasing of the lumens of the arteries.

Phenotropil exhibits antioxidant properties, stimulates regenerative processes in tissues. Promotes an increase in some neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine). It does not bind in any way to gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors, and does not in any way affect the action of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Prevents the occurrence of catalepsy (finding the human body in a pathological position caused by schizophrenia or other similar mental illnesses) while taking antipsychotic drugs.

Phenotropil reduces the effect of taking sleeping pills, sedatives, reduces the effect of taking ethanol (ethyl alcohol, drinks containing alcohol), minimizes the use of certain drugs for anesthesia without inhalation (for example, Hexobarbital).

A stimulating effect also occurs in an ideological environment (the emergence of positive emotions, against the background of long-lasting events, or against the background of fantasies about the upcoming events in life, the formation of optimism). This happens due to the impact on the consolidation mechanism (ordering and strengthening) of memory.

According to some reports, this nootropic increases the pain threshold by decreasing the sensitivity of pain receptors.

The drug also acts as an adaptogen: anti-stress effect in the context of emotional, mental and physical overload, when the body is in conditions of low or high temperatures.

There is a beneficial effect on visual function, an increase in visual acuity and an improvement in peripheral vision.

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