Peptide course for fat burning and rejuvenation HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin




The course for fat burning and rejuvenation HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin – fast, effective and safe weight loss without compromising health!

Rejuvenate your body with multiple injections!

Course composition:

  • 10 vials of HGH176-191 20mg
  • Ipamorelin 10mg

A distinctive feature of the course for fat burning and rejuvenation HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin is that it does not contribute to the occurrence of hyperglycemia, which is an increase in blood sugar levels. What, in fact, can not be said about the type of growth hormone.

In addition, during its administration, cell division and the appearance of negative side effects are not observed. To date, this course for fat burning is the safest and most powerful, which has no analogues in the whole world.

What does this peptide course consist of?

First of all, special attention should be paid to the indicator of the purity level of the 'working' component, which in one ampoule is 96.4%, which is just an excellent result. The fragment mass of the molecular CHC is 1815.

Today, a fragment with a number of 176 – 191 is the most effective substance in the widest range of modern peptides, aimed directly at burning excess fat accumulation and, naturally, for effective weight loss.

In addition, the rejuvenation peptide has some similarities with somattoliberinom. As for the numerical series, it was not chosen by chance. Growth hormone has a numerical range of amino acids and is from 176 to 191 amino acids that are directly responsible for the rapid and practical burning of subcutaneous fat.

It is important that this set of numbers does not contribute to the development of insulin resistance and the elongation of human bones.Qualified researchers have conducted numerous experiments that 'spoke' about the fact that the peptide of youth is capable of significantly increasing the efficiency of lipotropic processes.

In addition, after the end of the use of HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin in the body, fat accumulated very slowly, so the person was in perfect shape and did not gain excessive weight. Today, this course is the most effective and powerful fat burner. It also causes the formation of the necessary amount of insulin, which means that the young remain longer.

What are the effects of HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin?

  • Provides a powerful and systematic lipotropic effect.
  • Does not negatively affect insulin and glucose levels.
  • It is an effective energy and stimulant, since during the use of a fat burning peptide, a rapid loss of excess calories and an immediate increase in performance are observed.
  • Provides strengthening of bone tissue and fills the body with the necessary calcium.
  • Does not allow the appearance of the formation of osteochondrosis and osteoporosis.
  • It stimulates the secretion of insulin-like growth factor.
  • It has a positive effect on metabolic processes, contributing to their acceleration.
  • Improves the lipid profile and provides greater efficiency in the processing of fat.
  • The body begins to tolerate even excessive physical activity more easily.
  • It does not allow muscle fibers to break down as it provides a powerful anti-catabolic effect.

Features of application and dosage of HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin

The peptide is injected exclusively under the skin in the abdominal area, as this particular delivery option is the most effective and helps it to be absorbed much faster. For manipulation, a special insulin syringe is used.

In no case should the prescribed dose be exceeded, divided into two to six injections per day.It is also important that the anti-aging peptide reveals its properties better during jogging or working out in the gym. In addition, it must be established taking into account the number of daily servings of food.

The duration of the course is about three months and no more, since excessive consumption of the peptide can lead to addiction. The most practical schedule is: thirty days of admission and one month of discount and so on until it ends.


  • 1 per fat burning + rejuvenation course, for girls. Consisting of 10 vials of HGH176-191 and 5 vials of Ipamorelin. hgh dose – Set,
  • 220mkg * 3 times a day. (1 hour before meals in the morning, before training, before bedtime). Ipamorelin Dosage – Set
  • 110mkg * 3 times a day. (1 hour before meals, or before – after training).

Diet while taking HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin

Taking a course of rejuvenation, it is imperative to observe a low-carbohydrate diet, that is, for a while, forget about sweet and fatty foods. This is necessary in order not to interfere with the substance to perform its direct functions.

Since food causes a rapid release of a considerable amount of insulin into the blood, which inhibits the functionality of the fat-burning peptide. Actually, therefore, it is necessary to put it several hours after the last meal. It is important that you also cannot eat for a couple of hours after using it.

HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin Side Effects

An important advantage of this course is that it does not have any negative phenomena. It is 100% safe for human health.

Where can I buy HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin?

If you want to experience this high-quality peptide for yourself and allow yourself to get rid of excess body fat, feel a surge of vigor and rejuvenate yourself, then visit our website and buy the HGH176-191 + Ipamorelin rejuvenation course from the most affordable. high quality and in a profitable price category.

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