Course fat burning HGH 176-191 for 3 months



COURSE 'FAT BURNING' HGH 176-191 FOR 3 MONTHS 60 mg of HGH 176-191

HGH Frag 176-191 is a stabilized fragment of the growth hormone molecule from amino acids 176 to 191. This peptide stimulates lipolysis (the fat breakdown process) 12 times more potently than growth hormone and inhibits (!) The formation of new fat cells. It is one of the most promising drugs for the treatment and prevention of obesity. At the same time, HGH Frag (176-191) is much cheaper than GH and most other fat burners.

The exclusive advantage of HGH Frag (176-191) is the absence of side effects (unlike all other drugs) and, consequently, its absolute safety.

HGH Frag (176-191) does not interact with GH receptors, but significantly increases the expression of the gene for beta-3-adrenergic receptors, which cause lipolysis in the body – this is the main mechanism of action of the peptide.

Even with prolonged use and higher doses, HGH Frag (176-191) does not lead to the manifestation of insulin resistance. those. the peptide does not affect the level of sugar in the blood, does not provoke the appearance of diabetes, and does not contribute to the intensification of its symptoms.

Avoid the peptide and other negative aspects inherent in most fat-burning drugs: the drug HGH Frag (176-191) does not affect the process of tissue repair and growth, which completely protects people who take it from the risk of fat burning. tumor formation and development.

  • The main effects after buying hgh 176-191, confirmed by clinical and laboratory tests:
  • pronounced fat burning thanks to hgh 176-191 (especially in the abdomen)
  • anti-catabolic action
  • a surge of energy, and an increase in your consumption
  • slowing down the aging process

Effects of HGH frag 176-191:– Severe fat burning (especially in the abdomen) – Improves lipid profile and lipolytic activity – Increases and accelerates energy metabolism – Slows down the aging process – Increases strength and endurance – Increases IGF-1 production – Strengthening of bone tissue- Does not cause organic hyperplasia- Does not increase glucose levels and does not affect insulin metabolism

Side effects:

  • rejuvenation effect due to hgh 176-191 (increases skin elasticity, improves hair condition)
  • strengthen the skeletal structure of the body (body mineralization),


During the use of HGH Frag (176-191), fatty acids are released, energy replenishment is stimulated, in such conditions catabolism is impossible. In other words, HGH Frag (176-191) is indirectly anti-catabolic.

The use of HGH Frag (176-191) by women is justified and absolutely harmless, which has been confirmed in studies. It has been scientifically proven that the drug does not negatively affect the female and male body.

Dosage and mode of administration:

The duration of the course is 6-12 weeks.

Recommended dose:

  • 200-300 mcg in the morning (1 hour before meals)
  • 200 mcg in the morning (1 hour before meals / 30 minutes before training)
  • 200-300 mcg before bed (not earlier than 2 hours after meals/before bed)

To preserve muscle mass during drying, it is necessary to use frag HGH 176-191 buy in conjunction with Ipamorelin.

Compliance with a low-calorie diet, frequent and fractional meals, carbohydrate control, will help to achieve maximum effectiveness of the use of HGH Frag (176-191) for all the indicated points and shorten the duration of the course.

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