Peg MGF + CJC DAC gaining lean muscle mass




course kit

  • Peg MGF 16mg
  • CJC DAC – 16mg

We propose to consider a powerful package of extended peptides PEG MGF + CJC DAC. The effects of the course are a set of lean muscle mass, as well as a small fat burning effect. That is, if you weigh 70-100 kg, and you take this course, you will gain only 2-4 kg, but you will burn fat, improve vascularity, and increase relief and strength indicators quite well. The CJC DAC + Peg MGF Peptide Course is often referred to as a Mission Course. Those who cannot inject often due to long-term work or other reasons, purchase it, and perform only 2 injections per week, while receiving a solid increase. It is also worth noting that the DAC Peg MGF + CJC peptide course is the record holder for gaining strength. Your gain is around 15-20% on basic exercises. And to get the optimal effect, it is enough to do only 3 injections of peptides.

PEG-FGM It is a substance based on an insulin-like growth factor. In the body, it participates in the process of myoblast division and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. Its functions are similar to those of growth hormone – growth hormone. However, Peg MGF does not affect the development of bone cartilage tissues in the body, which is the main difference between the two substances.

Mechanical growth factor is produced in the liver, but only in the presence of the stimulating effect of growth hormone. The effect of PEG-MGF peptide is well studied by specialists, which makes it possible to create on its basis effective and safe drugs suitable for various purposes. An age-related decrease in the production of mechanical growth factor in some cases causes the development of muscular dystrophy, which sometimes requires the use of this substance as a drug.

Mechanical growth factor increases the number of myblasts – dormant muscle cells, which helps increase muscle mass and reduce the time it takes for the body to recover from intense exercise. The effect of using MPF is similar to that of somatotropin, which also allows it to be used in bodybuilding to achieve better results.

The use of a mechanical growth factor in its pure form is quite difficult: after it enters the bloodstream, it breaks down very quickly, so to achieve the desired effect would require injections at least once every half hour. A much more stable drug, which, moreover, is much better tolerated by the human body, was obtained due to the union of a mechanical factor with a polyethylene glycol molecule. The process of combining these two substances is called pegylation. Therefore, any form of MGF preparation is called Peg MGF.

Pethid's pronounced ability to accelerate the growth and recovery of muscle tissue makes it a popular anabolic among athletes. The use of the drug in bodybuilding has a number of notable positive effects:

  • promotes muscle growth,
  • increases strength indicators,
  • reduces the amount of adipose tissue,
  • accelerates protein synthesis
  • promotes the restoration of muscle stem cells,
  • boosts immunity,
  • increases resistance.

CJC-1295 is a tetrasubstituted peptide hormone consisting of 30 amino acids. In the human body, it functions as an analog of somatoliberin (a natural stimulator of growth hormone secretion).

One of the main advantages of CJC-1295 DAC over the widely used analog GRF (1-29) (synonyms: CJC-1295 w/o, without or without DAC) is its long half-life (up to two weeks).CJC-1295 DAC binds to plasma proteins (albumin), leading to a significant increase in duration of action, due to the addition of lysine associated with a non-peptide DAC molecule (Drug Affinity Complex).

CJC-1295 DAC Effects

Studies have shown that CJC-1295 DAC has growth hormone-like effects:

  • increased strength
  • muscle growth
  • burning fat
  • improve skin quality (smooth wrinkles)
  • increase in density is
  • strengthening of ligaments and joints
  • positive effect on sleep

During the course, there are characteristic sensations of muscle swelling.

Who is this lean muscle building course for?

This peptide course is suitable for those people who don't have time to often inject peptides: miners, truck drivers, military personnel, engineers, people who spend a lot of time on business trips, but want to look good. The relief of the muscles will improve, the volumes will increase, it will become stronger and more durable. Your form will be much better than it was before the course started. Naturally, it is very important to follow the diet and exercise regimen. Otherwise, the peptides will remain powerless…

course effects

1. Gain extra pounds of muscle, without fat, or maybe even lose it. Diet plays an important role here, as well as exercise. By adjusting them to your goals, you can achieve the desired results.

2. Dry, get more expressive muscles, improve venosity. Peptides will help lose excess fat, make muscles more prominent and firmer, which will visually improve your figure.

3. Strengthen the joints. Peptides to gain muscle mass indirectly affect the joints, improving their condition. So after the course, you can get not only an increase in mass and strength, but also strengthen the ligaments and joints.

4. Enhance immunity.

The above are far from all the positive effects of peptide courses on lean muscle mass gain.

It should be said that these peptides have a long-term effect, they are also included in the work for a long time, therefore the visible effect occurs only after about a month of intake. Therefore, a course of less than 6 weeks is not justified.

How to correctly take a course of peptides to gain lean muscle mass

We inject into the fat fold in the abdomen. The syringe is inserted at an angle of 45 degrees as shown in the figure. We perform injections 3 times a week. Monday and Wednesday, the algorithm is described above. And on Friday, 40 units of each peptide (all that is left in the vials). The ideal time to take peptides: in the morning for lean, at least one hour before breakfast, or immediately after training.

Buy CJC DAC + Peg MGF course and reviews about it

Unfortunately, not many people can afford to buy such an expensive course of peptides. And even fewer people are ready to post their photos for the whole world to see. Therefore, unfortunately, there are no full photo reviews on this course, however, according to people, the percentage of those who are disappointed in the peg mgf + ss dak package is extremely small. On the contrary, many responded positively and purchased similar courses again. It is worth noting the elevated psychological mood while taking peptides. And a nice increase in strength. If you want to tackle your figure or just prepare for the summer, then write to us at the addresses indicated on the main page of the site and we will certainly advise you and answer all your questions. Well, you can order a ready-made course of peptides PEG MGF + CJC DAC for two months in our online store!

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