Jintropin (HGH)



Jintropin is the trade name for synthetic growth hormone. The development, research and release of the drug is carried out by the Chinese pharmaceutical company GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD. Jintropin, like natural growth hormone, contains 191 amino acids. This drug is quite often counterfeited, so it is worth remembering that jintropin is in the form of a sublimated somatotropin powder, the manufacturer supplies ampoules with liquid to create a solution, and the same number of insulin syringes for administration as the number of bottles with powder and ampoules with water.

This drug is widely used in medical practice to treat patients with growth deficiency and other diseases, and is also actively used by athletes, particularly bodybuilders. Jintropin is a highly purified product that is one of the best synthetic growth hormones that can be found on the pharmaceutical market in the world.

The action of synthetic growth hormone in the athlete's body

Many athletes take a gintropin course in bodybuilding. Constant training plays an important role in the formation of a beautiful body. Without physical activity, it is impossible to build the desired muscles. But sometimes even professional athletes are unable to overcome fatigue and return to training. The main properties of jintropin include:

  • strength indicators increase, the athlete is able to withstand significant physical activity in the gym,
  • the recovery period between trainings decreases, the regeneration of damaged tissues is accelerated,
  • strengthens bone tissue, joints and ligaments, which reduces the risk of injury during training and increases the athlete's overall performance in the gym,
  • the drug allows you to reduce the amount of body fat, especially in the abdomen,
  • immunity increases.

The main action of jintropin is its ability to stimulate tissue regeneration, which is impossible under ordinary conditions. A certain number of muscle fibers in each muscle in humans is genetically incorporated, and an increase in muscle volume takes place only due to an increase in the number of fibers.

In certain doses, synthetic growth hormone causes tissue division. For this reason, many athletes do not think about how much a course of jintropin costs, because after stopping the drug intake, the athlete retains his strength indicators and muscle volumes. The newly acquired muscle fibers do not disappear anywhere at the end of the course.

How to take jintropin and possible side effects:

To introduce the drug into the body, the lyophilization-dried somatotropin powder must be diluted in an ampoule with special bactericidal water for injection, which always comes with the drug. On the wall of the ampoule with an insulin syringe, it is necessary to add liquid to the powder. After that, without stirring the preparation, it is necessary to gently mix the components. It is recommended to inject jintropin subcutaneously, injecting the solution into the fat folds in the abdominal area, in the gluteal muscles or arms. Injection areas must be changed every time, otherwise disproportionate body development may occur due to local fat burning effect.

How to take jintropin in bodybuilding depends on the athlete and the intake goals. There are several schemes for the use of jintropin:

Professional athletes take the drug at a dosage of 8-12 IU per day. This course is aimed at gaining muscle mass and burning fat.

Beginners and amateurs in bodybuilding should start with 4-8 IU per day.Injections in a similar dosage not only contribute to the formation of a beautiful body, but also have a healing effect on injured areas and strengthen joints.

In old age, in order to rejuvenate and children with a growth deficiency, it is necessary to take jintropin at a dose of 1-4 IU per day.

Experts recommend dividing the daily dose into 2 or more injections, each injection containing no more than 2.5 IU.

As stated by the bodybuilding instructions for the drug jintropin, side effects from taking the original drug do not arise. The following side effects may indicate a fake drug:

  • fluid retention in the body due to swelling of the arms and legs,
  • abnormal or too rapid growth
  • Afternoon nap like a child's
  • joint pain,
  • carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • enlargement of the mammary glands in men,
  • accelerated growth of neoplasms,
  • diabetes,
  • high blood pressure

To protect yourself from counterfeiting, make sure the package contains a special non-holographic sticker. When you open the box, it should explode. It must also have a special code, the authenticity of which can be verified on the official website of the manufacturer.

A healthy person who uses this drug runs the risk of blocking the work of the pituitary gland, which is why the body will completely depend on synthetic growth hormone.

In conclusion, we can say that jintropin in bodybuilding, despite the fact that its price in pharmacies is in the above-average price range, is an effective drug that is used by many athletes to increase strength, agility and resistance. Some people use it to slow down the aging process, but clinical trials don't prove it. Also, when using jintropin, you must be careful.

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