GHRP-6 + CJC DAC – Relief enhancement and quality growth of muscle mass




GHRP-6 Course Kit and CJC DAC

  • GHRP-6 – 20mg
  • CJC DAC – 8mg

We present to your attention a good course of peptides for increasing muscle mass and strength, consisting of CJC DAC and GHRP 6. These peptides have good compatibility and provide excellent results. In just one month of course, you can easily gain 5-7 kg of mass and add good strength in terms of strength. This course is a more advanced version of the well-known GHRP-6 + CJC-1295 package, and overall the positive effects here are roughly the same, but more pronounced due to the use of a more modified CJC-1295 DAC peptide! This package is ideal during mass recruitment, with it the weight will be added 'more vigorously' with higher quality! The peptide course GHRP-6 + CJC-1295 DAC is much less suitable for drying!

the peptide GHRP-6 it is a biologically active principle that activates the production of its own human growth hormone. It is a chain of 28 amino acids. Among athletes, this drug is also known as Hexarelin. GHRP-6 injections have a remarkable effect on the metabolic processes that occur in the body. Regular intake of the peptide in optimal doses has a number of positive effects on the body:

  • promotes increased production of its own growth hormone,
  • improve sleep,
  • accelerates regenerative processes, helping the body to recover faster after training,
  • promotes the burning of adipose tissue,
  • accelerates metabolic processes,
  • increases appetite, allowing you to gain more lean muscle mass during the course,
  • has an external rejuvenating effect, making the skin tighter and smoother,
  • normalizes the work of the circulatory system,
  • lowers the level of sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood,
  • strengthens the body's immune defenses, increasing resistance to infections,
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • increases endurance indicators, which has a beneficial effect on performance during training.

GHRP-6, like other drugs in the GHRP group, mimics ghrelin, a hormone that is produced at the cellular level in the tissues of the stomach, and is nothing more than a natural response to hunger. An increase in the concentration of ghrelin in the blood contributes to the increased production of growth hormone.

CJC-1295 DAC has characteristics similar to growth hormone somatoliberin (GHRH). Growth hormone is a hormone released by the anterior pituitary gland. Uses CJC-1295 has been shown to increase growth hormone and IGF-I secretion, but surprisingly it is capable of doing so in very large amounts. Research has shown that CJC – 1295 stimulates growth hormone production and secretion + IGF-1 secretion. The main advantage of CJC-1295 DAC is the maintenance of stable growth of GH and IGF-1 without increasing prolactin, which leads to intense fat loss, and increases protein synthesis, characterized by a long-lasting effect. duration.

The original purpose of the CJC-1295 peptide was seen as a treatment for visceral fat deposits in obese patients. It is assumed that due to the increased level of exogenous HGH, an increase in lipolysis (fat loss) would occur. The clinical study was ultimately successful, with visceral fat burning observed in the majority of study subjects.

Ghrelin, produced by our body, circulates and acts as a hunger hormone, has synergistic activity in the body when combined with GHRH, and also suppresses the secretion of the hormone somatostatin to create conditions for the boost of GHRH.Studies show that the combination of GHRP-6 with CJC 1295 DAC significantly increases GH and IGF-1 secretion, the production of which occurs without increasing prolactin.

What is the difference between CJC-1295 and CJC-1295 DAC

The (Drug Affinity Complex) portion of DAC increases half-life by binding to serum albumin and protects DAC CJC-1295 from degradation caused by limited binding of lysine to DAC to MPA (maleimidopropionic acid) reagents.

CJC DAC has long been proven as a powerful peptide for muscle gain and definition. It has a long-lasting effect, so it is not necessary to inject frequently. However, the CJC-1295 DAC has only proven to be almost useless and there is no point in using it in heavy sports. All major effects are revealed when another peptide is used in parallel with it, in our case – GHRP-6, an ideal partner for dagylated DJC-1295.

GHRP-6 is perhaps the best peptide in the mass, capable of arousing hunger after an injection, as well as strengthening the joints. It is worth noting the positive effect on sleep! In one of our experiments, it was shown that the peptide is capable of increasing the concentration of growth hormone in the body by more than 90 times. Which has an extremely positive effect on the body's ability to recover from exercise and build muscle mass while burning fat. The main disadvantage of GHRP-6 is fluid retention by the body, meaning, to put it simply, the peptide can flood.Fortunately, the CJC 1295 DAC compensates for this gap to the maximum and the weight is gained dry and of high quality! Thanks to an increase in the body's recovery abilities, your ligaments and joints will feel much better, your strength and mobility will increase, in a cube with an increase in muscle mass, strength will definitely go up too! Therefore, we can say that the GHRP-6 + CJC 1295 DAC course is a balanced and effective course to gain quality mass with practically no drawbacks!

Along with this, you do not have to carry out post-cycle therapy after the course, as peptides do not inhibit important body systems. Just stick to a competent diet, do not stop training, then you will not see a setback and your gain will remain for as long as possible! The duration of the GHRP-6 + CJC-1295 DAC course is 1 month. An increase in length of up to 1.5-2 months is allowed.

How to correctly take a course of GHRP-6 peptides and CJC DAC

Perform 3 equal injections per week so that the 2 mg bottle of CJC DAC is completely consumed. That is, it turns out that each injection will be approximately 33 units of active ingredient, which is equal to approximately 700 g of DAC CJC. The best time to inject is in the morning or right after your workout.

GHRP-6 – a little harder to take. If we put CJC DAC 3 times a week, then GHRP-6 is required to be injected 3 times a day. A single dose of the peptide is 150 g.

The best time for injections is 25 minutes before a meal. Injections do not depend on training! The time interval between injections is 6-8 hours. Peptide injections like CJC DAC and GHRP-6 should be done in the crease of belly fat. It is also permissible to change the places of injections, for example, in the shoulders or hips.

It is allowed to collect 2 peptides in an insulin syringe and inject.This is important in the morning, when you must take two peptides at once – GHRP-6 and CJC DAC (3 times a week). In order not to make unnecessary 'holes', we simply put peptide bioregulators in the insulin and immediately inject them.

GHRP-6 + CJC DAC – the main effects of peptides

The GHRP-6 works well with the CJC DAC, thanks to its good compatibility and extremely good results. You will feel great appetite, pump during training, endurance, as well as, of course, growth in weight and strength. The recovery time of the body after heavy loads will decrease, consequently, your muscles will rest more and grow better. Finding the right training program is very important! One of the options can be seen on our website at the link.

Let's list what can be achieved with a 30-day course of GHRP-6 + CJC DAC peptides:

1. Weight gain, at least 4-5 kg.

2. Increase of the working weight in the basic exercises by 5-10 kg.

3. Improve muscle relief.

4. Burn fat.

5. Positive effects on sleep and joints.

6. General strengthening of the body.

7. Enhance immunity.

As you can see, CJC DAC + GHRP 6 provide a wide range of benefits. This course is especially effective during plateau training to get out of a plateau. There are practically no side effects of the course GHRP-6 + CJC 1295 DAC. Of the most common, it is possible to notice a strong 'thor' after taking peptides (due to GHRP-6) often occurs, especially in the first days of the course, and CJC-1295 DAC reactions are possible at the sites of CJC-1295. injection (bumps, redness), which pass quickly enough … A special neo traxivosin ointment with heparin significantly accelerates the disappearance of this 'side effect'.

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